5 Things to Know About the Girls Who Crate!

Okay, so it's the women who crate, but that didn't sound quite as catchy. You get the idea. It's our 2nd anniversary and apparently Friday has its own hashtag and its #fridayintroductions, so let's get to know one another! 

It takes a village. Josh, Megan, Kristen, Alison, and Eva at an event in Tucson last year that introduced little ones to Bessie Coleman. Josh is GCC's resident photographer and Eva's helped us pack our crates.   

It takes a village. Josh, Megan, Kristen, Alison, and Eva at an event in Tucson last year that introduced little ones to Bessie Coleman. Josh is GCC's resident photographer and Eva's helped us pack our crates.   

GIRLS CAN! CRATE is a team of 3,  Alison, Kristen, and Megan. Though, I'd be remiss if I didn't give a shout out to our fabulous intern Andria, and Monika, an original member of our team. We create our crates in the desert of Tucson, Arizona. Seven to eight months of the year Tucson is a pretty fantastic city to live in, but those 4-5 months of summer can be brutal. Nonetheless, here we are and we appreciate the love the Old Pueblo has shown us. We officially launched GCC in 2015, but it was a dream and labor of love before that.

Andria, Alison, and Megan at a Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona event. Kristen's behind the camera. 

Andria, Alison, and Megan at a Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona event. Kristen's behind the camera. 

It all started when Megan's daughter asked her to play princess and prince one day. S said to Megan, "Mom, you be the prince and I'll be the princess and you come rescue me." Megan responded by saying, "How about we play princess and prince, but we put on our thinking caps and you come up with a way to get yourself out of this pickle?" S wanted nothing to do with that suggestion and an idea was born to introduce girls to real women who've done incredible things to make our world better. Two years later, we've sent out 23 crates to 49 states and Canada and S has now learned about a lot of amazing women who did what they had to do to get themselves out of the pickles they found themselves in. It's pretty amazing how one conversation with a then-3 year old can change your world. 

So, that's us a company...but let's meet our team and get to know them a little better. Today, let's start with Alison and Megan!


Meet Alison! Hailing from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Alison is our Operations Ace. Alison keeps us moving forward as a visionary and helps us to figure out how to make those visions reality.  When she's not cheering for the Michigan Wolverine's, she's hanging with her family, researching activities and testing them, or getting her Zumba on. Here are some fun facts to know and share about Alison: 

If I had a super power it would be: I would either like the ability to see super small particles that make up matter, because how cool would that be?-- or I'd like the ability to move objects with my mind. 
Favorite time of day: I love early mornings. It's so beautiful outside when the air is cool, the sun is rising and the birds are waking up and starting to sing Plus, I'm a morning person so it's a great time to get stuff done.
Favorite fearless female: I have to pick a favorite? That's way too hard. The more women we introduce to young girls, it gets harder and harder to choose. Some of my FAVORITES are Pasty Mink, Maya Angelou, Bessie Coleman, Florence Nightingale, and Junko Tabei. But I can't pick just one!
What have you learned with GCC this year? I have learned that just because you have a way of doing something, doesn't mean it can be reassessed and improved upon. We have made some good strides in our crates by re-evaluating our goals and our materials. I have also been reminded that women are amazing. We overcome obstacles on a daily basis and continue to thrive in life. That's why this business is so important to me. 
One thing I want to do in life is: I'd love help change the ways girls are viewed in society and by themselves.

Megan Headshot.jpg

Meet Megan! A Wisconsin native, Megan is our Creativity Guru. She keeps the creativity in the crate alive with her whimsical graphics. A sucker for anything related to The Office, Megan can also be found with her family, designing marketing materials, or getting crafty around the house. Here are some fun facts about Megan to know and tell: 
Favorite book: Ahhhh, too hard! All of the books in the Harry Potter series, A Tale of Two Cities, To Kill a Mockingbird, Godric, Jane Eyre...
If I could live in any era in history it would be: Right this minute, but I'd love to time travel to visit each period in history.
Favorite fearless female: I love Patsy Mink, she just totally embodied the word fearless. She never let any obstacle stop her and seemed like a powerhouse from the moment she was born.
What have you learned with GCC this year? That girls can do anything...I already knew this, of course, but I am inspired each day by the fearless women we celebrate in our crates. They've taught me to just go after what I want, embrace who I am, and celebrate others! Most recently, I've learned to take more risks, to apologize less, and to realize I'm never too old to try new things or explore new ideas.
One thing I want to do in life is: dive with sharks! Especially after our Adventurous Ichthyologist crate, woot!

So, that's part of our team! We'll meet Kristen and Andria next week! Have a great weekend...make it 'crate'! 


Ahoy, matey! A pirate be Grace O'Malley.

There's something powerful about make believe, isn't there? It was the whimsy of make believe that drove us to feature October's fearless lady. We wanted to cultivate a crate that inspired this kind of imagination. We wanted to take a figure, like a pirate, that has mostly been "for boys" and put a female face on it. This is why this month we're introducing little ones to The Bold Pirate, Grace O'Malley. 

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24 crates. We're 2 years old!

Woot woot! It's our 2nd birthday! This means that GIRLS CAN! CRATE has sent out 24 crates in the last 24 months. This means that the stories of 24 fearless women have been told. This means that little ones have learned 24 times that they too can do BIG things. And 24 times that we have had the privilege of being a part of that experience. 

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Parents' Choice Chose GIRLS CAN! CRATE!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that the Parents' Choice Awards named GIRLS CAN! CRATE as a winner of their Recommended Award!! 

Their panel of judges reviewed three of our crates, The Pioneering Nurse, The Fearless Flier, and the Ambitious Astronomer. "Testers reported that the kit provided several hours of fun and learning, for their young girls and their young boys." Woo hoo!!! 

While the award is rewarding and gratifying because of all of the hard work that goes into them, we really just want to create crates that girls can not only have fun with, but also be inspired by. Our goal is, and has always been, to inspire girls to be themselves, fearlessly. 

Want to know more about the Parents' Choice Award? Read the full review HERE

Busy, busy, busy

I thought summer was supposed to be about lazy days---days full of lemonade, summer fruit, and playing outside. Oh wait. That's what summer was supposed to be like as a little one. As a big one, summer doesn't exist in that realm anymore. Now, it's still full of errands, to-do lists, must-do lists, and oh nuts! I-forgot-to-do-lists! Those are the kinds of summer days that make our Arizona heat even less bearable. 

I don't know about you, but those kind of summer days, days of the endless errand, etc., began in late April for me. The spring was crazy. We at GIRLS CAN! CRATE have been bussssyyyyyy. It's all good, but it's busy! We are so excited that our crates will soon be in the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona store, that our subscriber base is growing, and more. In our personal lives, things are buzzing right along as well....we've got a baby on the way, one of us just moved into a permanent house, and another is recently engaged and in the midst of wedding planning! All of this is incredibly wonderful. We celebrate it and are thankful for it all, professionally and personally. But sometimes those wonderful things can start to become one more thing to do or get through and you kind of lose track of what you really love to do. 

Take blogging, for example. I, Kristen, love sitting down and telling you all why we chose the woman we chose. If you've noticed, those posts have been absent for the last two months. It's not because we weren't excited about our featured ladies. On the contrary, they, Ava DuVernay and Eugenie Clark, were some of the women we were most excited about. But....time slipped away, to-do lists beckoned, planning for new undertakings, and all that jazz kept me from writing. 

But, huzzah! I'm back. And I'm excited to be writing. We've got loads of news to share and loads of amazing women to introduce little ones to! It's going to be a great summer. We just sent out our Adventurous Ichthyologist crate celebrating Dr. Eugenie Clark and her work with sharks. Yes, sharks! Megan and I love sharks! Megan is definitely more obsessed than I am, but still....they're incredible creatures!! And then to meet a woman who fearlessly got in the water with them because she fell in love with them as a child is just too cool!!

What else is going on? This July we're sending out a surprise crate. We figured that nowadays most surprises aren't all that great...the tax bill from the IRS, the unexpected root canal, and well, you get the picture...so why not send out a fun surprise for little ones and their families?! It's going to be great. Then, in August we're celebrating the Girl Scouts and their awesomeness by introducing littles to its founder, the fearless and trailblazing Juliette Gordon Low! The Brownie inside of me is pretty darn excited about that one. 

So, yeah. Lots has been going on, lots is going on, and all of it has been great! We are beyond thrilled by the feedback we've been getting from subscribers, bloggers, and more. We can't wait to share some of it. 

Well, it's 115 degrees in Tucson today. So, this girl's gonna prep some blogs and then hit the pool to cool down. How's summer going where you are? What are you most excited about? We hope whatever is on your docket, it'll be a fantastic summer!! For us, it's going to be 'crate'! 

Meet this month's FEATURED non-profit, Camp Reel Stories!

Don't you just love going to the movies and losing yourself in a great story? Have you ever wondered about how a film is made?  Well, this month we're celebrating the life and work of filmmaker Ava DuVernay and introducing little ones to the art and science of filmmaking in the Illuminating  Filmmaker crate, on sale now through May 15th.  And what better way to celebrate this amazing woman and exposing girls to film than partner with a fantastic nonprofit who is doing the big work of making filmmaking more accessible to girls! So, friends...meet Camp Reel Stories!

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