RAD Girl Revolution + Giveaway - Little Girls, BIG Dreams!

If you can dream it, you can be it. That's the message behind the awesome new children's book, RAD Girl Revolution, now on Kickstarter!


RAD stands for Rise Above Doubt and Reach Any Dream. The book will feature 30 inspiring storybook-style photos of real little girls in fields typically under-represented by women, along with a rhyming verse describing each career. The book includes occupations such as Scientist, Judge, Artist, Astronaut, Doctor, Pilot, Journalist, Director, Chef, Author, CEO, Engineer, Paleontologist, President, and many more. 

Rad Girl Revolution will be a hardcover (10x8") children's book for kids ages 3-7 that empowers young girls and encourages gender equal mindsets in young boys. There are many empowering children's books that are suited for girls 7 and up, but RAD Girl Revolution will appeal to a younger audience. Gender stereotypes are set in children as early as age 6, so it is crucial to expose them to empowering books and reach them during the critical developmental ages of 3-7 years old.

We at GIRLS CAN! CRATE are so excited to partner with RAD Girl Revolution and the fantastic Princess Awesome to bring you a giveaway that honors little girls' BIG dreams!


The Princess Awesome "Fleur-de-Liftoff" Rockets Twirly Play Dress features hot pink rockets, curly contrails, and other dainty details on a dress that is both SUPER fun and wonderfully practical with hidden pockets for storing space treasures! Isn't is seriously awesome?! Our GIRLS CAN! CRATE Mae Jemison crate, The Audacious Astronaut, features a 20-page GIRLS CAN! Activity Book telling Mae's story and everything you need to create your own solar system, build your own science blasting-off rockets, and experience fun ways to explore gravity & get thinking! Combine the Princess Awesome rockets dress, our GIRLS CAN! CRATE astronaut crate, and RAD Girl Revolution, and you have one totally awesome, empowering, Out-of-This-World experience! Enter below to WIN them all!

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The Force of Friendship

Friendship can be forged during any of life's circumstances; most often when we need it most. This month, we're celebrating Women's History Month by featuring two women whose friendship grew out of a place of challenge and changed the world...

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Happy New Year!

Dream big in 2018, girl! Encouraging kids to set goals is super important. Goal setting helps little ones develop greater independence and motivation (wouldn't you be more motivated going after something you decided you wanted to accomplish?!). Ring in the new year with a fun goal setting activity and have your little one think all about what they want to do, see, explore, and learn in 2018. Download your GIRLS CAN! 2018 Goal Planner HERE and have a great 2018!

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Happy Holidays from GIRLS CAN! CRATE

The holidays are in full swing! Hanukkah started on December 12 and Christmas is a week away. We want to thank you for your support this holiday season. We are so excited for your little ones to meet some incredible women this season...and in 2018!

As a small thank you and a way to help those who haven't gotten their shopping done--tell me I'm not alone in this!-- we've created some holiday cards for you to print and pass out to loved ones, teachers, friends, or heck, your mail person! Just click on the 'Click Here' button to get your free printable cards featuring  Marie Curie, Ella Fitzgerald, Junko Tabei, and Maya Angelou. 

We hope this holiday season is full of memory-making, time with loved ones, and lots of inspiration! From our homes to yours, Happy Holidays! Click HERE to get yours!

Necessity Made Her a Mother of Invention

While going about life, do you ever stop and wonder how it is that things we take for granted came to be? The home security system is one of those things that you have to wonder: who came up with it and why? This month at GIRLS CAN! CRATE we're answering those very questions. Who? Marie Van Brittan Brown. Why? She wanted to feel safe. 

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Audacious. It's not a dirty word.

Most words have more than one meaning. Sometimes, though, that word becomes known more for its negative meaning than its good. Audacious is one of those words. When you hear audacious what first comes to mind? Is it someone who's reckless, disregards rules? Or is it someone who takes bold risks and is daring? As we prepared to introduce little ones to November's featured lady there was only one word that really described her: audacious, as in bold and daring. It's a perfect fit for this month's totally fearless female---Mae Jemison. Let's reclaim that word, shall we?

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