Making Art a Part of Life

Art has always been a prominent part of my life. From a young age I fell in love with self-expression. The idea that I could convey bits of my soul to others was something I delighted in. I mean isn't that what people want? To be understood? Known? 

Attempting to share beauty through various mediums started like it does with most children: a coloring book and crayons. I loved bringing life to those black and white pictures to life with the simple sweep of my waxy instrument. Crayons transitioned to drawing to painting, and now, it mostly rears its head through activities with my children or home decorating projects...sometime fashion. Pinterest is crack for the modern woman.

When I read stories about how schools are cutting funding for the arts, I can feel my heart plummet. I believe that humans were uniquely created and some were given the gift, no the need, to express themselves using artistic means. There is a current push for STEM (science, technology, enginnering, and math) education, which don't get me wrong, I think is great. Technology is certainly not going anywhere, nor do I think it should, however, more recently there has been the addition of "A" into the acronym STEM to make STEAM. We are finding that art is so important, so necessary, that schools are adding it back. We are finding that without the ability to express ourselves through art or creating, life doesn't feel as beautiful or full. For even those that aren't gifted in creating art still find pleasure in viewing other's creations.

I encourage you to find the time to bring art into your life. Adult coloring books are all the rage right now! Or better yet, maybe bring art into your family by subscribing to our "Persevering Painters" crate. Sit down with your children and create something. Let them be inspired by Frida Kahlo's use of color or Mary Cassatt's intimate drawing of mother/child bonds. Show them how fulfilling it can be to create something beautiful.