Here's to year two!

Our thirteenth crate is at the Post Office and that means our second year has officially begun! 

We have high hopes for the coming year as we've been planning for it since early spring. There are so many incredible women on the horizon---Irena Sendler, Marie Curie, Madam CJ Walker, and more--to introduce little ones to that we can hardly stand ourselves!

So, let's take one last question and answer from your GIRLS CAN! CRATE team as we close out our One Year Anniversary blog series...

GIRLS CAN! CRATE: What do you hope to see happen with GIRLS CAN! CRATE in the coming year?

ALISON: I would love to see us grow. If our business grows, it means that we are INSPIRING AND EMPOWERING more girls. I want our crates to be in the hands of every little girl because that means they WILL see someone who looks like them doing something amazing. Representation is so important! We had a subscriber write and say that her girls were over the moon about Bessie Coleman because they'd never seen anyone who looks like them do amazing things. Just think about that. Thank goodness they met Bessie. Because of Bessie, two little girls believe they can be and do anything. 

KRISTEN: I want GIRLS CAN! CRATE to tell more of the stories of lesser-known, but just as important women. I'm constantly awestruck by the sheer power, courage, intelligence, beauty, and uniqueness of women and I want their stories to be known because they're so important! There were so many things I wanted to be in life, but I listened all too often to the voices, and sometimes that voice was my own, that told me that I couldn't do it. But now I wonder what I would've done if I'd see the examples set by women like Bessie Coleman, Irena Sendler, Wangari Maathi, and Grace Hopper. As much as I can help it, I don't want other girls to wonder the same thing.

MEGAN: We want more little girls to meet these fearless women and fall in love with them, and then realize they're made of the same awesome stuff and for them to get inspired about how they can be fearless world changers, too. I'd love to expand our team to include more passionate women and continue to grow so that we can each hone in on what we're brilliant at and just focus there. 

So there you have it. One year down and another under way. It's been an adventure and surely there's more before us because if not, then we're not doing it right....right? Here's to strong women!  May we know them! May we be them! And may we raise them!