You do you, girl!

I think we can all agree that change stinks. Yes, there are good changes in life, but even those bring with them growing pains. But when you have to say "goodbye" to a friend and colleague, that kind of change, well, it sucks. 

As you may have noticed the picture to the right of these posts contain 4 women, but over the past several posts I've only mentioned 3 women. Well, that's because Monika, one of our founding members and our Marketing Maven, has stepped away from GIRLS CAN! CRATE and into great new adventures. While we miss her terribly already, her absence was felt the moment she shared her news with us, we are so excited for her and all that she's been blessed with. I emailed her this week and asked her if it would be ok to mention her departure and she said yes, so long as I "express her love" for GIRLS CAN! CRATE and for all of us. I know we won't be out of touch and will bounce ideas off of her because we trust her opinion and her insight implicitly given her background in early education and the fact that she's all-around fantastical. 

It wouldn't be right to let our anniversary series continue without mentioning Monika and thanking her for all of her hard work. If not for her, we would not have the communities we have on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She was able to take those social media platforms and bring thoughtful, challenging, humorous, and inspiring girls, women, and men to the forefront. She has helped y'all get to know us and our mission better. And she has helped us to get to know you. So.....THANK YOU, Monika. We couldn't have gotten here without you. We miss you and love you.

You do you, guuurrrrlllll!!! <3