Gift Guide for the Fearless Girl

GIRLS CAN! CRATE is the perfect gift for girls ages 4 to 8 years old. In a time where toys are more gendered than they were 50 years ago and  are marketed to girls based on beauty items and appearance,  we're here to show girls that they are so much more. How? It’s simple. GIRLS CAN! CRATE introduces girls to fearless women who have made the world better!

Do you know a girl that dreams of flying? Or one that is fearless? Introduce her to the Fearless Flier: Bessie Coleman!

Bessie was the first black female aviator and one incredibly inspiring woman! The Fearless Flier crate includes: an aviator hat and goggles (just like Bessie wore), explore the science of flight by making 3 different types of planes, get soaring with the High-Flying Stunt Game, extend the fun and learning with a 20-page GIRLS CAN! Activity Book, one-of-a-kind aviator uniform sticker page, markers, scissors and more! This crate costs $29.95.

Are you raising a young activist? Introduce her to the Undaunted Educator: Malala Yousafzai.

Meet the UNDAUNTED Educator, Malala Yousafzai! After being shot by the Taliban for speaking out against them, Malala became UNDAUNTED by their fear tactics. She is an activist for education and the youngest Nobel laureate ever. The word inspiring doesn't capture all this woman is. Because Malala believes in the power of educating women, the Undaunted Educator crate is all about education. It includes: a 20-page GIRLS CAN! Activity Book, story block cubes to practice making stories, your own science-made hanging crystals to symbolize the POWER in your name, and a world geography activity making your own paper mache globe. Let the fun begin! This crate costs $29.95.

Do you know a girl who is a problem-solver? Introduce her to the Problem-Solving Environmentalist: Wangari Maathai.

Introduce your little one to the Problem-Solving Environmentalist! Little ones will love meeting Wangari Maathai. Not only did Wangari work to save the environment in Kenya, but she creatively solved unemployment issues for women at the same time. She helped turn her country around environmentally and helped empower women. The Problem-Solving Environmentalist crate includes: a 20-page GIRLS CAN! Activity Book, everything you need to start your own seeds and log their growth, and materials to make an upcycled wind-chime -- sure to remind you of the things Wangari stood for! This crate costs $29.95.

Might you know a girls that is interested in coding? She needs to meet the Curious Coder: Grace Murray Hopper.

Introduce your little one to the fundamentals of coding with this fun crate! Little ones will love meeting the curious Grace Murray Hopper. Grace developed COBOL, the first computer language that was readable by humans because it used words instead of numbers! She was a pioneer in computer programming. The Curious Coder crate includes: a 20-page GIRLS CAN! Activity Book, a naval cap just like Grace wore, a coding board game -- sure to help you understand the basics of coding, a great wearable code necklace, and everything you need to turn your crate into a pretend computer. This crate costs $29.95.

Do you have a girl that won’t stop, even in the face of adversity? She will love the Tenacious Champion: Patsy Mink.

Introduce your little one to one of the authors of Title IX, The Tenacious Champion, Patsy Mink. If you ever played sports in school, took science or math classes, graduated from high school, college, or graduate school, or did anything else that girls weren't typically encouraged in, chances are Patsy Mink helped make this possible! The Tenacious Champion crate includes: a 20-page GIRLS CAN! Activity Book, an Olympic-themed shot put game studying the science of trajectory, create your own Olympic Medal, 5 Olympic flag colored bracelets to remind you of what girls are capable of, and more! Don’t wait, introduce your child to Patsy today. This crate costs $20.00. *This was our OLYMPIC themed crate and because that time has passed, you get the savings! * 

There's something for everyone in our shop--even for the women in your life, too! Be sure to check out our empowering tote and encouraging mug! This holiday season, give gifts that inspire and remind her that she can by introducing her to women who did!