What a difference a year makes...

One year. 12 months. 365 days. 52 weeks. 525,600 minutes.

This is the amount of time that has passed since GIRLS CAN! CRATE officially launched. We have been in the business of inspiring girls to believe they can BE and DO anything for one whole year. I don't know about your year, but my oh! my...what a year it's been for us! In one year we've shipped crates from coast to coast and north to Canada, we've introduced little ones to 12 diverse but equally inspiring women, we've had the privilege of meeting incredible people doing inspiring work themselves, we've had the pleasure of receiving pictures, emails, and notes from subscribers whose littles have been moved by the fearless women they've met, and so much more. It's been a YEAR! Year one is under our belts and we have so much more planned. We have so many women we want to introduce little ones to and so many people we want to meet and work with. 

Speaking for all of us at GIRLS CAN! CRATE, sorry, Megan and Alison if I'm speaking out of turn, I would wager that if you would've asked any of us two years ago if we'd be in this position today we would have looked at you as if you'd just jumped out of the screen of Netflix's Stranger Things. No way, no how. We were each doing 'our thing.' But here's the truth. This is our thing. GIRLS CAN! CRATE is our sweet spot. Sure, there's always room to improve and grow, but  that's true in all areas of life. In GIRLS CAN! CRATE, we're each using our gifts and passions to inspire and influence a generation of girls. That's an incredible place to be in. And this isn't something we take lightly. We recognize that this is important and we take that very seriously. All of us know the weight and importance of representing the women that we ship out each month. We want to do right by them and their story. We want to do right by our subscribers. But here's what's so incredible about what we do. Each month we send out  a crate to subscribers featuring a fearless woman who made the world a better place. This means that we have spent a ton of time with that woman and the women like her before shipping that crate. As such, we are constantly surrounded by women who looked at the world around them, at the challenges, the seeming impossible and said: I can do that! And in turn we're just as inspired as our littles are. We're constantly reminded by Bessie Coleman, Florence Nightingale, Maya Angelou, Julia Child, Malala, Mary G. Ross, Grace Hopper, and the rest of our fearless ladies that we can BE and DO anything because they did. We have our own little cheer section in these ladies.

However, we certainly couldn't have done this without YOU! So, thank you! We want to bring you on this journey. We want you to know more about us and how we got here. So, we'll be doing a series of blog posts about us here. I sent out a list of random questions to my partners and asked them to reflect on this last year. I'll be posting some of those responses here. Then, on our Facebook and Instagram communities we'll be sharing some of the photos and comments that our subscribers have shared with us throughout the year so that we can get to know you better. So if you want to share---and we WANT you to---please do! So, let's get started with an easy one!

What's been your favorite part about being a part of GIRLS CAN! CRATE?

ALISONI love getting feedback from customers that we are inspiring their girls! The emails of what girls have said about the crate or the photos of girls enjoying their experience honestly MAKE MY DAY. It is an extraordinary fuel that continues to motivate me to help make the best product possible, continue to improve, and continue to introduce girls to these very amazing role models.

KRISTEN: Getting to know better and meeting the incredible women that we feature. Why don't we ever hear about many of these ladies?! I spend so much time with them as I work on their stories that I feel like I'm transplanted into their lives for a moment like a fly on a wall. And then when we ship a crate, I become giddy at the thought of our little ones meeting such incredible women and having that same experience. 

MEGAN:  I love being able to use the creative side of my heart - making something new and wonderful every month, while getting to know these incredible women we're introducing girls to as we create a new box, to learn from them and what they have to teach me about myself.

Again, we'll be sharing more here and on Facebook and Instagram. Plus, we'll be sharing about AMAZING giveaways and contests in our newsletters and on Facebook. So, if you're not a part of our communities there...don't miss out. Sign up today! Thank you!