5 Things to Know About the Rest of the Girls Who Crate!

It's Friday again! Hooray! And with that, I wanted to introduce the rest of our team! I last introduced you to Alison and Megan. Today, let's meet me, Kristen, and Andria! 


Meet Kristen! A Midwest native and older sister to Megan, Kristen is our Wordsmith Wonder. Kristen writes our activity book stories (boiling down the lives of incredible women into a short story for kiddos is no small feat!), our blogs, emails, and more. When she's not attempting to work on her own blog, she's planning her March wedding to her favorite person and preparing to become a stepmom to a pretty awesome kiddo! Here are some fun facts to know and share about Kristen: 
Favorite fearless female: Oh boy. This is a hard one! Of the women we've featured this year, Nellie Bly has to be my favorite. I studied journalism in college and grew up on story books about Nellie. It wasn't until I really dug deeper into her life, though, that I realized just how strong, bold, and plucky she was. I want to be like her!
Favorite time of day: I love sunset. Arizona, and Tucson in particular, has the best sunsets on Earth. I love seeing the sky streaked in reds, oranges, pinks, and purples while the mountains change color, too.
Favorite book: As an adult, there are way too many to count. But, as a younger me...The Babysitter's Club. I never knew or thought that 5 girls starting their own business was outside of the norm, but now I realize that it was a pretty big deal. 
If I could live in any era in history it would be: Hmmm...there are so many eras, but really I'd like to go back to the 90s and redo college. I'd make different choices and not allow my fear to dictate what I did or didn't do.
One thing I want to do in life is: I want to make a difference. That's pretty lofty and ambiguous, isn't it? But I do. I want something that I do or the way I treat others to make a difference in their life. I want people to say of me that I made them feel heard and seen. 

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Meet Andria! A Tucson native (which is rare, let me tell you!), Andria is our GIRLS CAN! intern! She has been with us since February and has been such an awesome addition to our team. She helps us with everything from marketing to packing boxes to adding some 'youth' to our team. When she's not in business classes at the University of Arizona, she can be found watching Gilmore Girls, just another reason why she clicks with us! Here are some fun facts to know and share about Andria: 
Favorite Dessert: Cookie dough
If I had a superpower it would be to: Breathe under water.
If I could live in any era in history it would be: The 1980s for the music and fashion
What have I learned from GIRLS CAN! CRATE this year?: Um.....everything?? Let's see, teamwork with three fabulous women!?! Taking initiative to work independently, supply chain management, to have all materials necessary for each crate. 
One thing I want to do in life: Spread happiness

So, that's us! That's your GIRLS CAN! CRATE team. We love what we do and we can't wait to see where this year takes us. We have some incredible women coming up, so don't miss out! Join us today!