Happy Holidays from GIRLS CAN! CRATE

The holidays are in full swing! Hanukkah started on December 12 and Christmas is a week away. We want to thank you for your support this holiday season. We are so excited for your little ones to meet some incredible women this season...and in 2018!

As a small thank you and a way to help those who haven't gotten their shopping done--tell me I'm not alone in this!-- we've created some holiday cards for you to print and pass out to loved ones, teachers, friends, or heck, your mail person! Just click on the 'Click Here' button to get your free printable cards featuring  Marie Curie, Ella Fitzgerald, Junko Tabei, and Maya Angelou. 

We hope this holiday season is full of memory-making, time with loved ones, and lots of inspiration! From our homes to yours, Happy Holidays! Click HERE to get yours!