24 crates. We're 2 years old!


Woot woot! It's our 2nd birthday! This means that GIRLS CAN! CRATE has sent out 24 crates in the last 24 months. This means that the stories of 24 fearless women have been told. This means that little ones have learned 24 times that they too can do BIG things. And 24 times that we have had the privilege of being a part of that experience. 

We will be celebrating our birthday with YOU from now through October 15. So, keep your eyes peeled for contests, giveaways, and fun-tivities! We also would LOVE to hear from YOU---what has your little one learned this year, what have you learned this year, who would you like to see featured, and how has GIRLS CAN! CRATE been used in your home. Email us at support@biglittleones.com, reach out on Facebook or Instagram, and let us know!

Please know that as we reflect on these last two years we can't do so without thanking YOU. The support we receive from our subscribers, others who are empowering girls to be themselves, our friends, and our families has been what has spurred us on and made all of the hard work we pour into our crates absolutely, positively worth it. THANK YOU! The best is yet to come....