GIRLS CAN! CRATE: Everything you wanted to know!

It's a GIRLS CAN! CRATE refresher!  We wanted to take a moment to re-introduce ourselves and answer some of the questions or respond to some of the statements we get most often about GIRLS CAN! CRATE because chances are you may have the same thought or query! So, here we go....

Who is the who behind GIRLS CAN! CRATE?  We are Alison, Kristen, and Megan.  We also have an awesome intern, Andria, and an Eva, she helps keep our inventory and ordering on target! Between all of us, we do everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, from start to finish: we do all of our own research, we write all of the crate contents, we design the activities, we create all of the graphics, we bag all the activity supplies, and we answer all of our customer's service inquiries. Everything that GIRLS CAN! CRATE produces goes through our hands. We are passionate about what we do and we straight up love it. And we love to hear from YOU! If you have a question, a comment, or a suggestion, we want to hear it! We are always looking for ways to improve so that your experience is the best it can be. 

What we hear: What is GIRLS CAN! CRATE?
What we say: GIRLS CAN! CRATE is a monthly subscription...PAUSE!  There seems to be some confusion about what a subscription is. Well, a subscription is defined as "the action of making or agreeing to make an advance payment in order to receive or participate in something." In the modern vernacular, think Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Real Simple magazine. But I digress, GCC is a monthly subscription box and mini-mailer for girls 5-10 years old that introduces them to fearless women who've made our world better through stories, 2-3 hands-on STEAM activities, and more!

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 12.43.00 PM.png

What we hear: I wish you could buy just one crate or mailer as a gift.
What we say: You can absolutely purchase just one crate or mailer as a gift! On the check-out page just be sure to select the 'This is a gift' option and leave the box next to 'Automatically renew this subscription' unchecked. Easy gift giving at your fingertips!

What we hear: I’d like to include a gift note with my crate/mailer.
What we say: You can! At checkout be sure to select the option “This is a Gift.” You will see a space to enter a note to the gift recipient…write out your note and we’ll take care of the rest!

What we hear: I want to have my first crate/mailer sent to me so I can wrap it and then sent to the recipient’s address.
What we say: Not a problem! You can either input your address when ordering and after it ships, log back into your account and change the mailing address. Or, just email us at and we will make the change.

What we hear: We’re busy, I wish you had a smaller option.
What we say: We do! We introduced mini-mailer subscriptions in July. Our mailers include the same big GIRLS CAN! inspiration, just in a smaller size!

What we hear: What’s the difference between a crate and a mini-mailer?
What we say: That’s a great question! Mini-mailers are simply mini versions of our crates. They come in a GIRLS CAN! branded padded envelope with the GIRLS CAN! 16-page Activity Book, 1 hands-on STEAM activity and supplies, tips for grown-ups to foster that month’s trait in their little, and a collectible sticker. Our mini-mailers are a sample of what our crates contain. Additionally, they come at a smaller price point at $18.50 a month, which includes $14.50 in shipping to the US.

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What we hear: Life has gotten crazy. We wish we could pause our subscription. 
What we say: We totally get that life gets you can most definitely pause your subscription! You can do this one of two ways. 1) You can log-in to your account, select the 'Edit' button in the 'Subscriptions' section on the left side of the page, and then choose 'Skip Next Renewal' OR you can email us at and we'd be happy to pause your subscription for you. Just hit pause on the inspiration, you can do it!

What we hear: I need to cancel because fill-in-the-blank, how do I do that?
What we say: We're sorry to see you go! You know you can pause your subscription, though, right? But, we do understand the need to cancel. Just log-in to your account, click on the 'Edit' button at the bottom of the 'Subscriptions' section on the left side of the page, and then 'Cancel' is at the bottom.
What we really want you to know: In order to avoid the renewal charge, all cancellations must be made before the 25th of the renewing month. Cancellations made after this date will receive the next crate or mailer. And if you have a pre-paid multiple month subscription, you will receive the remaining crates or mailers in that subscription. 

What we hear: I wish I could or you should...
What we say: Please, let us know! We are always willing to answer any question and help in any way we can. You never know until you ask....

So, that's us! When it comes down to it, we are just three women who love learning about other ladies who've done something BIG. Not only do those women inspire us in our own lives, but we hope they inspire you and your kids, too. There are so many people out there doing incredible things...why not celebrate the good that we see and perhaps, be inspired by it? You can do it!