Page A Day Math Giveaway


At GIRLS CAN! CRATE, we know the importance of building girls’ confidence and love for math from a young age. Studies show, despite performing just as well as boys in the subject, girls exhibit greater anxiety toward math. This could certainly be one reason girls are less likely to pursue careers with a heavy math focus as they grow. To help overcome this, girls need exposure to relatable role models in math fields (like the women we celebrate at GIRLS CAN! CRATE) and encouragement from grown-ups to pursue the subject.

So, we were super jazzed when we connected with Janice, a local Tucson woman (GIRLS CAN! CRATE is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona), who was about to launch an Indiegogo campaign to grow her company, Page A Day Math. Years ago, when Janice’s daughter was in second grade, she was surprised to learn that she struggled with basic math facts. So, to help her daughter succeed, she created her own program to practice math skills every day - and she saw her daughter’s confidence and abilities grow greatly. Eventually, Janice would become a middle school math teacher. She saw first hand the need for kids to build greater foundational math skills, and how this lack led to frustration, anxiety, and feelings of failure as students grew.

So, being a fearless go-getter, Janice created a solution and designed “Page A Day Math with the Math Squad!” This innovative, incremental math program “introduces new topics while continually building and improving on existing math facts knowledge to improve fluency and to build a strong academic foundation for lifelong learning.” Oh, and it’s also super fun - her animal math squad joins kids as they work through each book, sharing tips, jokes, and letting kids track their own progress to success!

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Page A Day Math’s Indiegogo launch, we’re hosting a giveaway and raffle. Every single person who enters will:

1) Get a FREE download of the first book in the Page A Day Math series of their choice. While each book will build in difficulty after the first, this will give you a good “taste” of how Janice has designed her program.

2) Be entered in a raffle to win your own October GIRLS CAN! CRATE, celebrating The Ambitious Astronomer, Nancy Roman.

Enter your email below for your INSTANT link and code to get your FREE book download and for your chance to win a GIRLS CAN! CRATE (see below for additional rules).

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CONTEST RULES: Free book download is available to every entrant after entering a valid email. By entering your email, you “opt in” to GIRLS CAN! CRATE and Page A Day Math’s e-newsletters. You may unsubscribe at any time. The GIRLS CAN! CRATE raffle is available for US residents only and ends Wednesday, September 26th.