Meet Ellie: An inspiration to us!

In our last blog post we shared with you how we came to know about March’s featured female, Katia Krafft, She was introduced to us by Ellie F, a subscriber, who wrote to us last year and asked us to do a crate about Katia. We were so impressed by Ellie’s letter and then by Katia’s life that we knew we had to share Katia’s story. In the March activity book we shared an abbreviated interview we did with Ellie and we wanted to share the rest of it with you! So, GIRLS CAN! community, meet Ellie!

GIRLS CAN! CRATE: Where did you first learn about Katia Krafft?
ELLIE F.: I first learned about Katia Krafft from my Women in Science book by Rachel Ignotofsky


GC!C:  What about her life and story interests you?
EF: Katia was very brave, confident, and smart and I like that.  She was interested in something different.  Other scientists thought volcanoes were scary.  Katia thought volcanoes were amazing and peaceful.  She didn't care about what other people thought of what she was doing.  She was true to herself and did what she loved.  The live videos she created sure are beautiful.  Volcanoes helped to start life by bringing water to the earth's surface and they can also end life.  I think learning about them is important and Katia helped us to understand more about them.  I also like that she died doing what she loved with the person that she loved.

GC!C: Are you interested in studying volcanoes?  If so, why?
EF: Yes!  Volcanoes tell that water has existed on earth for billions of years.  Volcanoes bring water up to the earth's surface.  All life comes from water.  I think volcanoes are beautiful.  I like to learn about how the ecosystems surrounding a volcano change and grow after it has erupted.  I like to learn how really tiny animals like gophers make a new land by digging in soil.  At Mount St. Helens a tiny little gopher was the starting point that made a beautiful new ecosystem from digging tunnels and holes in the ground and that caused the ground to change.  It was an absolutely great change.

GC!C: What do you hope that other kids learn about Katia?
EF: I hope that other kids learn lessons about bravery, confidence, and that volcanoes are beautiful and important.  Volcanoes are amazing.  

GC!C: Why did you reach out to Girls Can! Crate?
EF: Because I love Katia Krafft and the moment that I learned about her, I knew that it would be a good choice for a crate.  I wanted other kids to learn about volcanology, and about how brave and confident Katia was, and to see the videos that she made.  

GC!C: Who else inspires you?
EF: I am inspired by my mom and dad, and by my musical theater teacher, Ms. Jacqueline.  I'm inspired by Dame Daphne Sheldrick because she saved hundreds of elephants, rhinos, and other animals.  She is a conservationist who lives in Nairobi, Africa.  She dedicated her life to helping wildlife.  She  is the person who discovered the correct food for baby elephants to be able to live if they were orphaned or separated from their mom.  People used to give orphaned elephants cows milk, but they were dying.  She discovered that they need a special formula made with coconut milk because it's higher in fat.  She discovered this and shared this with other people who help elephants and she is the reason that baby elephants can survive after they lose their moms.  She created an orphanage called the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for animals in need and she releases the animals when they are able to live free again.  She taught the world about how elephants act, and about how they communicate, and about how they bond with their families.  She taught the world about how intelligent elephants are.  They will actually turn their heads and hide their tusks from people.  Elephants are one of the most gentle, intelligent, and kind animals on earth.  I love how much elephants love their families because I love mine too.  They are my favorite animal.  I love elephants.  I'm named Ellie because my mom loves elephants and teaches me about them.  

GC!C: What are some of your favorite things to learn about?
EF: I like to learn about history.  I like to learn about the Founding Fathers.  I like to learn about elephants.  I like math and science. I like learning about working in obstetrics a lot.  I love obstetrics.  

GC!C: What do you want to be when you grow up?
EF: I'm not quite to the age that I know what I'm going to do when I grow up.  I still like to play and learn about the world in the way that kids do.  

GC!C: Finish this sentence:  Girls can...
EF: Girls can make the world great.  Girls can help the world and create change in the world.  

EF: Thank you for creating a Girls Can! Crate about Katia Krafft!