Ahoy, matey! A pirate be Grace O'Malley.

There's something powerful about make believe, isn't there? It was the whimsy of make believe that drove us to feature October's fearless lady. We wanted to cultivate a crate that inspired this kind of imagination. We wanted to take a figure, like a pirate, that has mostly been "for boys" and put a female face on it. This is why this month we're introducing little ones to The Bold Pirate, Grace O'Malley. 

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Parents' Choice Chose GIRLS CAN! CRATE!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that the Parents' Choice Awards named GIRLS CAN! CRATE as a winner of their Recommended Award!! 

Their panel of judges reviewed three of our crates, The Pioneering Nurse, The Fearless Flier, and the Ambitious Astronomer. "Testers reported that the kit provided several hours of fun and learning, for their young girls and their young boys." Woo hoo!!! 

While the award is rewarding and gratifying because of all of the hard work that goes into them, we really just want to create crates that girls can not only have fun with, but also be inspired by. Our goal is, and has always been, to inspire girls to be themselves, fearlessly. 

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The utter lie that is sticks and stones...

Our upcoming crate celebrates the amazing Dr. Maya Angelou. She was, and is still, so inspiring. I love how when she spoke, she did so with such thoughtfulness and intention. And this got me to thinking about the power of words. Growing up, I'm sure we all heard the adage: "sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never harm you" at some point. Now as an adult, I feel that I can say with some confidence and assurance that that adage is utter crap. 

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Shutting Up the Noise

I thought "feminist" was a dirty word...until I had a daughter.

When I looked into the wide, innocent eyes of my brand new baby girl everything I thought I believed about equality was shaken. I knew that the endless possibilities, hopes, and dreams that a mother has for her tiny, fresh human would never actually be completely endless. Oh, sure she came into the privilege that comes with being born into a white, upper-middle class home, to two educated parents (in the United States no less), but she was also born a "she".


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