Excavating Bertha Parker Pallan

A woman of Abenaki and Seneca descent herself, Bertha Parker Pallan dug into the past of indigenous people. She was a woman who over the course of her archaeological career uncovered incredible artifacts and even a civilization. And yet, hers is a life story that nowadays is so buried that there’s only one known photograph of her. Let's bring her story to the surface, shall we?

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How one woman changed the world

This month is our 'secret agent' crate. We wanted to do a crate that celebrated the life and work of a female secret/double agent because well, that's just...cool. We went back and forth about who we wanted to feature because there are some really amazing women who were behind enemy lines for their country, their cause. But then, we met the woman we've named the Fierce Protector.

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Meet Ellie: An inspiration to us!

In our last blog post we shared with you how we came to know about March’s featured female, Katia Krafft, She was introduced to us by Ellie F, a subscriber, who wrote to us last year and asked us to do a crate about Katia. We were so inspired by Ellie and then by Katia’s life that we knew we had to share Katia’s story. In the March activity book we shared an abbreviated interview we did with Ellie and we wanted to share the rest of it with you! So, GIRLS CAN! community, meet Ellie!

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A Tale of Two Females

Today is International Women’s Day. It’s a day celebrating the achievements of women across the globe while also a call to action for greater gender equality. Today as we celebrate the amazingness of women, we wanted to share the story of how two females born at different times and on different continents inspired us to release The Groundbreaking Volcanologist this month. We’re talking about volcanologist Katia Krafft and 5-year-old Ellie.

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Happy 2019!

Dream big in 2019, girl! Encouraging kids to set goals is super important. Goal setting helps little ones develop greater independence and motivation (wouldn't you be more motivated going after something you decided you wanted to accomplish?!). Ring in the new year with a fun goal setting activity and have your little one think all about what they want to do, see, explore, and learn in 2019. Download your GIRLS CAN! 2019 Goal Planner HERE and have a new year full of inspiration!